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We Sustain.




  1. processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient

example: “Mosaic House’s Green practices help sustain the environment”


Being sustainable and Green is a huge part of the Mosaic House vision. We strive to be the best choice of accommodation in Prague by providing the best experience possible to you, our guests… and to do this while drastically reducing our carbon footprint.

Mosaic House generally uses 25% less energy than a hotel or hostel of our size. The real importance however, is the way we gather the resources we do use. We are the 1st hotel/hostel in the Czech Republic to utilize 100% renewable source energy. We use both passive and active methods to gather and preserve energy.

Mosaic House established the 1st grey water system in the Czech Republic and the 2nd grey water system with heat recuperation in the world. In doing so, 4,000 liters of water are saved daily.

We are the 1st hotel/hostel in the Czech Republic to achieve BREEAM In-Use “Excellent” certificate. Our toilets run on the Geberit Eco dual system – saving water with every flush. We have special Raindance showers that use less water (you’ll never notice!).

Mosaic House is on the Czech Green Building Council, an initiative the aims to create healthy, prosperous, environmentally and socially friendly buildings/environment that enhances the quality of life. We often give “green tours” of our property and green presentations.
We sustain. We are green. We Are Mosaic.




Energy saving lights and machines

Automatic blinds for sun protection

Insulated windows

Insulated facade



Heat recuperation ventilation/air

Solar panels on the roof

Heat recuperation from cooling

Heat recuperation from waste water grey water system



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