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We Socialize.




  1. to mix socially with the other guests of Mosaic House.

example: “he enjoyed socializing with other people during karaoke”


Creating new connections and friendships is one of the best parts about traveling and it’s easy to do at Mosaic House. There’s always something going on here, whether it’s a live band rocking the stage or board game night or karaoke, we’ve got you covered.

La Loca is located in the heart of Mosaic House. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, La Loca is always a good option to recharge in a social environment.

We have a Social Manager who is in charge of putting together meetups and fun things to do for our guests. Be sure to check the list of activities located in the lounge!

Apart from La Loca, we have a lounge area with comfortable couches, computers, projection screen, and foosball table that’s perfect for travelers who are looking to relax and socialize with fellow guests.  

The common areas and restaurant are spread out around the building, meaning that they’re separated just enough to let everyone enjoy the hostel in their own way.


We socialize. We are collective. We Are Mosaic.

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