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We Romance.




  1. a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.

example: “Mosaic House provided a thirst for our romance”


It’s hard to beat the twisty, cobbled lanes of Prague. The city of a hundred spires is a romancer’s dream. Prague is simply a paradise on earth for the romantic spirit in each and every one of the seasons. The city’s centuries-old architecture, barely scratched during the Second World War, serves as a fitting backdrop for a romantic getaway.


Mosaic House, with 55 private rooms including 2 penthouses, has plenty of space for lovers. 10 of our double rooms are equipped with private balconies, perfect for a glass of champagne and watching the sunset. Located on the 7th floor our penthouses have wrap-around terraces offering unbeatable views of the city. Their space and decor are bound to kindle passion.


Want to know a good restaurant for a date? Tell our reception staff what type of place you’re looking for and they will help you find the perfect spot for you. Prague’s restaurant scene is very reservation-oriented, let us make the reservation for you!


We romance. We are couples. We Are Mosaic.

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