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  1. the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

example: “the art of Mosaic House is thought-provoking”


The first thing you notice when approaching Mosaic House is three gian mushrooms outside the main entrance. The mushrooms are on a raised platform of green turf and are surrounded by several park benches and a small fountain. Near the mushrooms, there are two large, colorful mosaic chairs. A few meters in the air, there are two sculptures holding umbrellas, seemingle floating away. As you are looking up you notice there are many cuddlies on the facade and another half dozen mushrooms up on the roof.


The collection of art continues inside – there are original mosaics that date back to the 1930’s, interactive sculptures, blown-up photographs, smaller umbrella statues, and dozens of paintings throughout the building. Each hostel room is designed with artwork on the walls and each private room features a large work of art.


Mosaic House is a giant collection of art: photography, sculptures, paintings, design, mosaics – you name it, we have it. We strive to exhibit a wide and varried collection of artwork, featuring artists from the Czech Republic and abroad.


Periodically we participate in several different art initiatives that bring us together with the art community in Prague. These include Sculpture Line, Signal Festival & artist’s vernissages.


One of our owners, Ludwig Kuttner, is a major patron of the arts and has started the Dream Big Art Park in Charlottesville, Virgina, USA. An entire park dedicated to every type of art. He is also cofounder of the New York Academy of Art, a supporter of the Albert Schweitzer Foundation, a board member of Tibet House and a longtime benefactor to many different art programs.



We paint. We sculpt. We design. We are art. We are Mosaic.

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