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We Go Solo.

go solo



  1. travel done by one person unaccompanied

example: “she went solo to Prague and had a fantastic time”


Traveling solo is good for the mind, body, and spirit. It is an experience like none other. It allows you to enjoy a destination on your own terms – without the distractions or schedule of others. It gives you time for contemplation and personal growth.


At Mosaic House, traveling solo is not only welcomed, it is revered. We have several aspects in place to help solo travelers have the best experience possible, catered to their individual desires.


Mosaic House has a Social Manager position that is in charge of putting together activities for our guests. This includes group runs in the morning, yoga, XBOX tournaments, movie nights, frisbee in the park, happy hour Cards Against Humanity, board games, and much, much more! Check out the full lineup of activities at reception or listed on the wall in the lounge.


Want something less structured? La Loca is an excellent place to meet fellow travelers, relax, have a beer (Czech beer is fantastic!), have a bite to eat, and listen to music. Take a seat at the bar and enjoy the atmosphere. You’re bound to find people in a similar state of mind.


Want to know the good places in Prague to meet people? Talk with reception or our Social Manager, tell them your interests and they’ll be more than happy to point you in the right direction.


We go solo. We are solo travel. We Are Mosaic.

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