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autor: Michaela Kratinova
14th April 2014


1. In 1959, a Czech national named Otto Wichterle invented soft contact lenses.

2. The sugar cube was invented in Czech Republic in 1843.

3. Czechs’ national passion is mushroom picking. We love to spend days in autumn in the forest picking up the mushrooms.


4. Some of the famous Czechs you might have heard of include: NHL players Jaromír Jágr and Dominik Hašek, Oscar winning director Miloš Forman, Oskar Schindler, Sigmund Freud, Ivana Trump, supermodel Petra Nemcová, tennis greats Martina Navratilova and Ivan Lendl, composer Antonin Dvorak, writer Franz Kafka, and early geneticist Gregor Mendel.

5. Škoda Auto, one of the largest car manufacturers in Central Europe, is based in the Czech Republic.

6. There are over 2,000 castles, keeps and castle ruins in the Czech Republic. It is regarded as the castle capital of the world.


7. Czech Republic is one of the top 10 countries worldwide in terms of the fastest average internet speed.

8. The country has a total of 46 airports with paved runways with 6 of them providing international air services. The main international airport of Czech Republic is Václava Havla International Airport

9.  The country is renowned for its numerous spa towns, especially along the border with Saxony (Germany). The most famous ones are those of Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad), Františkovy Lázně (Franzensbad) and Teplice (Teplitz).

10. Reporters Without Borders ranked the Czech Republic as the 5th best country in the world (out of 168 countries listed) for freedom of press in 2006.

11.  The Charles University in Prague, founded in 1348, is the oldest university in Eastern Europe, and one of the oldest in the world in continuous operation.

12. The traditional welcoming is with bread and salt.


13. The czech flag consists of red, blue and white. The colours stand for the following: Red (blood shed for freedom), Blue (imperiality & sovereignty) and White (traditional Bohemian colour and also represents sky)

Michaela Kratinova
Michaela Kratinova