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autor: Michaela Kratinova
30th March 2014
On a budget: Spring blast for less than 4 euros in Prague

What do to in Prague in spring while traveling on a budget? Prague is still a good-value holiday destination for those used to western European prices and we can offer some trips how to have a fun more less than 4 euros.

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autor: Martina Sulková
22nd July 2013
Street Art in Prague

Guess what - Prague isn't just a really (cool) historic city. We've got our fair share of street art & graffiti 'hotspots' as well (and we're not afraid to show them off :). If you'd like to see Prague from a contemporary/modern perspective, check out our list of top street art places. P.S.: Read on till the end of the article... trust us, just do it ;)

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autor: Martina Sulková
28th June 2013
Shopping in Prague

Shopping in Prague - it's fun, it's extravagant, and it won't necessarily make you suffer from empty wallet syndrome. You gotta know where to go though... Check out our handy guide & we'll show you all the shopping hotspots before you can say Karl Lagerfeld!

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