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автор: Michaela Kratinova
9th July 2014

Summer Activities


Music and Movies

Colours of Ostrava 17.- 20. 7. 2014 

Dolní Vítkovice

Since 2012, the event is being held in the impressive surroundings of Dolní Vítkovice – the site of former blast furnaces, mines and ironworks.Over the course of four days, the festival presents local and international world music, rock and alternative music artists. There also are dance shows, theatre and children’s entertainment.

This year you can’t miss such a star as John Newman, Bastille, Zaz, MGMT and others who will plaz along czech interpreters (Jana Kirschner, Anna K., Vypsaná Fixa, Michal Hrůza, Polemic,...)


Open air cinema

There are many open air cinemas throughout Prague. Some of them are free and sometimes you have to pay. But personally open air are much more cooler than normal cinema, just imagine to bring the blanket, wine and cuddle under the stairsJ oh and watching the movie of course!

Here you can choose:


Outside the Prague

Castle Zvikov and Orlik

The Orlík Dam is the biggest dam in the Czech Republic. ear the dam there is a port of the summer boat transport on the dam. It joins the dam with the Orlík chateau and with the Zvíkov castle, which stands above the confluence of the Vltava and Otava rivers at the head of the dam.

This castle is often called "King of Castles".Zvikov Castle is located in the southern part of Czech at the junction of two rivers: Vltava and Otava. It towers on a once high rocky promontory over the Vltava and Otava confluence but the valley below the castle was flooded after building the dam so nowadays the castle protrudes above the surface just several meters. Zvikov castle was probably founded by the end of the rule of the king Premysl Otakar I. 


Sport and Relax

Rent boat 

Rowing boats and pedal boats are great idea how to enjoy river Vltava. Definitely bring some beer bottles in your bag and chill out on the sun in the middle of the river. The prices are very different place to place, you find pedal boat at the morning for 2 euros but prices can go up 6 euros in some spots (but you pay for boat so you split the cost between more unless you are traveling on your own and just want to rent you own private pedal boat!). The cheapest place to rent a boat can be found probably at O2 Žluté lázně.


Žluté lázně

The natural area on the banks of the Vltava river offers versatile sports grounds, fun and relaxation to be enjoyed with your friends. You will find here beach volleyball courts, pétanque and you get an option to try variety of water sports. Besides you can enjoy and relax on the sun! If you will get hungry, don’t get angry and choose your fave snack from number of refreshments.

Ride a retro bike through the streets of Prague

Although days can get pretty hot, you still can borrow the bike at the morning and bike through the city or just bike to the river. We recommend renting a Green Lemon retro bike or Go cycle (if you way too tired to bike in this weather). Good old sturdy retro bikes are totally having a comeback moment – just take a blanket and bag of fruits and vine and stop by at the park or on one of the islands in the middle of the river and make your picnic there.



French market 10.-14. 2014

Craving some French delicatessen? Need to grab a glass of good wine? Now you have the option. Visit French market at Kampa park and get a plate of French cheese, sausages and luxury sweet desserts. Feel like in France while listening the French band and maybe you will meet some chic French guy or girl for a French kiss!


Eating Prague Tour

The Eating Prague Food Tour was developed to help you learn about Prague and entrench yourself in our great city- from the inside… through food! Join the four hour walking tour that will enlighten you on Prague’s ancient (and recent!) history, the intricacies of its people and culture and the depth of its wonderful cuisine. Get a unique glimpse into daily life while you meet the locals and go behind the scenes to get a real taste of Prague you won’t soon forget.

Departs every Mon–Sat at 11:30
65 EUR

Michaela Kratinova
Автор :
Michaela Kratinova