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автор: Martina Sulková
22nd July 2013

Street Art in Prague

Spray Can Stories Walking Tour

Prague is well known for its beautiful (OLD) architecture, charming (OLD) streets, creepy (OLD) legends… So what do all of these things have in common? Yes, they’re interesting, educational and unique… but they’re all bound by the theme of being OLD (as if we didn’t make that obvious :). And yeah, history rocks. But what if you’re into something more cool & fresh, like street art, contemporary art or graffiti? Many people think that Prague’s not exactly full of interesting alternative art – and boy, they couldn’t be more wrong!

So, without any further ado, here are a few tips on cool street art/graffiti spots that are definitely worth checking out. Read on till the end of the article to find out how you can get to know about even MORE cool street art/graffiti/contemporary art meccas! ;) Let’s do this!

1. Národní třída

There’s an old building/parking lot near Café Louvre on Národní třída where you’ll find some pretty amazing street art by two famous graffiti artists, Pasta Oner and Jan Kaláb. All we can say is this: you can’t miss it. And yeah, it’ll look amazing on your Instagram feed (we’re being dead serious now).

2. Vítězné náměstí

You can find another cool street art piece a few meters from Vítězné náměstí. Done by (dun, dun, dun!) Pasta Oner once again, we think it’s pretty awesome. And before you say anything, let us tell you this is no product placement, OK! We simply believe Pasta Oner is one cool dude.

3. Lennon Wall

OK, so we had to include this place on our list. We’d be committing graffiti blasphemy if we didn’t! This famous spot has changed dramatically in the past few years, losing a bit of its original ‘rawness’. Despite the latter fact, we (along with thousands of tourists who visit it every year) still love the Lennon Wall! It’s hard to put into words what makes this spot so special, but we still love going back every single year as well as witnessing its continual evolution.

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/andyhay/

4. All over Prague

We’re pretty stoked that Gambrinus Excelent is supporting street and graffiti artists in their endeavours. In fact, as a result of the beer brand’s support, various bottle-themed graffiti pieces have appeared all over Prague in the past few weeks. We know what you’re thinking – commercialism strikes yet again! This is actually a really neat project though – check out some of the photos here: http://www.kulturnipecka.cz/umeni-galerie/projekt-streetartovych-maleb-v-cr

OK, so we’ve told you about some really cool Prague graffiti as well as street art ‘canvases’. But we’re guessing that you want to know more. Am I right or am I right? And so you should! There’s many (MANY!) cool graffiti and street art hotspots as well as truly well hidden gems that we’re pretty sure you’ll love exploring!

If you’re interested in street art in the Czech Republic, don’t miss our ‘Spray Can Stories’ walking tour! You’ll get to know (up close & personal, no less!) real & raw street art AND your guide will be an artist who has worked with street art and is super passionate about the subject. What could be better? Oh yeah, did we forget to mention that you’ll be able to try your hand at a bit of spraying yourself?

If you’re dying to get your spray on, book our tour now! We can’t wait to meet fellow street art enthusiasts :) 

Martina Sulková
Автор :
Martina Sulková