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автор: Martina Sulková
9th July 2013

Going out for dessert in Prague

Do you have a sweet tooth? Who doesn’t, right? Back in the day, many Czechs were used to frequently nipping down to their local ‘cukrárna’, which translates into something like ‘sweet-shop’. And while there aren’t as many cukrárnas (try to say it three times in a row... we dare you!) as before, it’s still pretty easy to find pastry shops which are full to the brim with mouthwatering cakes and sweets. Get ready... things are going to get sweeet!

1. Ovocný Světozor
Vodičkova 39, Praha 1 110 00

We gotta start off with the creme de la creme. Not that this place is super fancy (that one’s coming up - wait a bit, won’t you?), but it’s a classic. If you’re Czech and your parents didn’t have their first date over a strawberry sundae here, then... well, you’re probably lying and you’re NOT Czech. We love the huge selection of cakes, ice-cream and other treats perfect for those with a sweet tooth. But be warned, this place gets busy!

2. Myšák
Vodičkova 31, Praha 1 110 00
If you’re up for round 2 of a sweet overdose after your visit to Ovocný Světozor, head to Myšák, which is literally a few steps away. Myšák is more than 100 years old & it’s a real Prague gem. The interior was completely renovated a few years ago, so enjoying tiramisu here will make you feel like royalty (cheese factor alert! but it’s totally true). We recommend heading over to the first floor - there’s no better place for combining cake & people watching. Yum!

3. Cukrárna Saint Tropez
Dům u Nováků Vodičkova 699/30 111 00 Praha 1

It seems that Vodičkova street is a gold-mine when it comes to all things sweet. If you’d like to visit a place that’s 100% fail-proof, we recommend Saint Tropez. You will not only be able to visit the best pastry shop of 2012 (VIP!) but also enjoy the best macarons in Prague (don’t take our word for it... try them out for yourself!). Total Paris flashbacks!

4. Erhartova Cukrárna
Milady Horákové 56, Praha 7

Alright, so there are cool pastry shops outside of Prague 1. And this place is one of the best - it’s a real Holešovice staple. This place is mainly famous for its A-MA-ZING cakes. We also love the interior - it hasn’t really changed much since pastry shop’s opening in 1937 (according to our granny :). 

5. Au Gourmand
Dlouhá 10, Praha 1

OK, so we’re cheating a little by including a French-style ‘patisserie’ on the list. But it’s totally worth it, we promise! I mean, sometimes you just feel like a pain au chocolat or a simple (but totally delicious) croissant. Oui oui! We love the 'bistro'-inspired interior as well. Yes, we're patriots, but the French do it oh-so-well. Bon appétit (yes, we had to!).

Martina Sulková
Автор :
Martina Sulková