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We have some incredible friends who do business. They are pretty wonderful and therefore we recommend you should check them out while you are with us! Let us introduce you to some of our favourite brands that deserve a shout-out.


BOTAS 66: original Czech shoesum3

BOTAS 66 represents a lifestyle label of the traditional Czech sports brand Botas. It is based on the iconic model Botas Classic, which was launched in Czechoslovakia in 1966 and once for all ranked in the Czech dictionary general word “botasky” (Botas shoes) as a reference to any sport shoe. Strong link to historical tradition, honest domestic production and connection to contemporary design are the hallmarks of BOTAS 66. All products are manufactured in the Czech Republic.

Our F&B staff proudly wears these original Czech shoes which was made possible by BOTAS66. Our guests can take advantage of the 10% discount at the store by showing their key card. Get yourself a good ol’ pair of sneakers.

papelote: original Czech stationarypapelote_obchod_3

Papelote is a Czech brand of stationery where paper is not a mere base for writing, but a material full of flavour, fragrance, sound and colour. Papelote offers a wide range of original notebooks, sketchbooks, textile book covers, felt cases and much more –all designed and made in the Czech Republic from environmentally friendly materials.







Michal Trpák

mosaic-house_prague_art_michal_trpak-8Michal Trpak was born in 1982 in the Czech Republic. His art studies started at the Secondary School of Arts in Český Krumlov. Afterwards, he obtained a Master’s Degree from the Academy of Arts and Design in Prague. During his Master studies, he went on two one-year exchange program to Vancouver, Canada. After graduating in 2007, he started to work as an artist and, additionally, also finished his PhD at the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia. Michal Trpak’s sculptures and paintings can be seen not only in public spaces and private collections in the Czech Republic but also in abroad.




Slight Uncertainty

mosaic-house_prague_art_michal_trpak-2Slight because of seeming lightness of flying but uncertain because of unsure landing and unknown length of the flight. This might be kind of a paraphrase of the economic crisis.






What is happiness?

mosaic-house_prague_art_michal_trpak-1What does the happiness mean – that is the question. Everyone has a different desire but all of us want to be happy. Golden monumental sculpture of fly is inspired by poem by Adolf Hejduk who was fascinated by the life of insect. But what about fly? It´s small, useless, annoying but it´s still a living creature. This sculpture is enormous version of fly where you can see all details which are otherwise so tiny.





A concrete family of fantastical creatures from another world, wandering in the shade of pine trees, is inspired by the world of bacteria which are invisible to the human eye. However, when zoomed into the human scale, they force viewers to reflect on their own size and or magnificence.





Looking for Happiness

What does the happiness mean – that is the question. Everyone has a different desire but all of us want to be happy.







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