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Dear travelers,

we would like to welcome you in our home, Prague! We hope you’ll enjoy your stay, explore the city of hundred spires, make new friends and create unforgettable memories just like you’re supposed to. This email is to give you a list of things not to be missed while you’re here with us and to make your Prague stay as comfy as possible.


Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions, suggestions or concerns any time. Our staff is here for you. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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Tour it, Explore it, Love it!

There are many ways to get to know Prague. Majority of the Prague population uses public transport and walks... a lot... and so can you! Our FREE WALKING TOUR starts every day at 10:30am in the hotel lobby. It’s a very efficient way to see the city center and learn more about the rich history of the well-preserved Praha. If walking is not your type of thing, we have bikes available to rent with local guides who will be more than happy to show you around.


We can also organize day trips outside of Prague or fun activities such as skydiving, go-karting, flyboarding and much more! Our front desk can also assist you with inquiries or requests you may have!

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Not all the roads lead to Rome and we're super excited that the road has led you to MOSAIC HOUSE. There are many different paths you can take while you're here, but we have a few sightseeing tips you shouldn't miss out on, especially if you're a Prague newbie!

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Prague Castle
Charles Bridge
Old Town Square
Lennon Wall
Jewish Quarter
Prague Parks

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We love to read

How about you? Reading helps with the stress reduction, stimulates your mind, expands your vocabulary and general knowledge, improves your memory and does benefit you in so many other ways!


We think reading is great and that’s why we write a blog so you can read and benefit from it yourself! Read our latest blog post.

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Food and Drinks at Mosaic House

If you're looking for refreshments and food, we also have our very own bar and the restaurant called La Loca MUSIC BAR & LOUNGE. And since you're our guest, we want to make you feel special. Upon arrival you'll get a welcome card with specials on drinks and discounts on food and of course, FREE access to all the entertainment that La Loca hosts - live concerts, karaoke nights, theme parties, etc. We guarantee you won't get bored. Also, feel free to take advantage of our lunch specials. La Loca serves tastiest lunch in Prague made of fresh ingredients. Talk to our restaurant for more information.


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27.10. Redhead Music Tour

28.10. Tram69 / free autumn party

29.10. Halloween Party

30.10. Lazy Sunday

31.10. Monday Smash

1.11. Bek Ofis & Ising (CZ)

2.11. Artmosphere - KŘEST ALBA

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Transmission Festival Prague- October 26, 2016


Designblok: Prague Design and Fashion Week October 27. - 31. 2016


Have you seen Slav Epic yet?


More Prague Events


For more questions about what´s going on in Prague ask our staf!

27 pictures that prove
the Czech Republic will be the
most beautiful place you ever visit


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27th October 2016

5 / 2 °C
41 / 36 °F
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