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작성자: Martina Sulková
8th October 2013

How to Use Public Transportation in Prague like a Pro

So you decided to take the tram today. Or maybe the metro. OR maybe you’re feeling brave and you’re gonna travel by bus (just kidding about the last part – traveling by bus in Prague is no big deal! You gotta know the ‘rules’ though..).

Using public transportation in Prague is convenient, won’t cost you a fortune, and you’re bound to meet some interesting people along the way (not kidding about this part). So what are the ‘unspoken rules’ which you should totally know about when traveling by tram, metro or bus in the lovely city of Prague? Don’t worry – with us, traveling by ‘MHD’ (you gotta know the street slang, right?) will be easy peasy. 

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Although Czech people complain about the cost of using public transportation, it’s actually not that bad (especially when you compare the prices to other European metropolises). Also, if you’re staying in MOSAIC HOUSE, you can see many sights on foot thanks to the hostel’s awesome location. But if you want to go a bit further & use public transportation, here is how much it’ll cost you:

BASIC (90 min): 32 CZK
SHORT-TERM (30 min): 24 CZK
1 DAY (24 hrs): 110 CZK
3 DAYS (72 hrs): 310 CZK

P.S.: Don’t forget to validate (time-stamp) your ticket every time you use public transportation… or else!! (or else you will get a huge fine… le sigh).

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The best way to get around
Prague’s public transportation system is really good AND easy to use, but if you’re a newbie, it can get a bit confusing. If you want to look for a specific timetable or you need to plan a more complicated journey, the easiest thing to do is use the as well as the websites. You CAN ask the locals, but there’s always some temporary disruptions to tram services, so we recommend sticking to the websites (as opposed to getting info from that cute/grumpy granny).

Senior citizen etiquette
We could go on and on about this part but we’ll just keep it short and sweet. Whenever you see a granny or a grandpa on a bus/tram/metro, you better ask them if they’d like to sit down. Firstly, it’s common courtesy… second, this is the only way you’ll survive that trip. Just sayin’.

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Visiting Prague in the summer vs. in the winter

If you’re visiting Prague in the summer… then brace yourself. And get a scarf and wear it so that it covers your mouth & nose. I mean, we gotta be blunt here: the trams and buses don’t always smell super amazing in the summertime. But somehow (or more like obviously) the metro system doesn’t suffer from this smelly ordeal (usually). So maybe it’s better to opt for a metro ride as opposed to a tram one. We warned you! We still love you, dear MHD… P.S.: In the wintertime, get ready to be greeted by a cold breeze every time you get on the metro. So, basically, it’s always handy to have a scarf with you – in both the summer and winter.

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Did you know?
...that some small boats are part of the public transport system in Prague? And the cable car is part of it too? Cool, right? Yeah, we kind of love it too (although most Czechs don't use these modes of transport on a daily basis). The cable car is pretty fun even when you're over 10. Really. :)

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Martina Sulková
Martina Sulková