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autore: Martina Sulková
17th January 2014

Where & How to Keep Warm When It’s Freezing Cold Outside… With a Twist!

Just because Prague is experiencing no Polar Vortex doesn’t mean it’s not nippy outside. Au contraire, friend – while the cold went and hid somewhere over Christmas (White Christmas? yeah right!), it’s back now and many people don’t really know what to do with themselves. And yeah, it’s not even THAT cold. But wherever you go, you can’t help but notice that people are talking about The Cold (capitals intended). “Phew, isn’t it a bit chilly today?” or “Well, looks like The Cold is back for good” are common expressions you can hear on a daily basis. And it’s starting to annoy you, isn’t it? Especially since you know about loads of cool places to see and things to do on a cold winter’s day in Prague. Sheesh, it isn’t hard, people…

1. Go ice-skating

If you can’t beat them, join them. And if you can’t beat the cold, you might as well embrace it (as well as your inner ice-skating princess or prince), right? And anyway, what better way to get warm than to MOVE? There are many places in Prague where you can ice-skate the night away. Probably the most picturesque and romantic one is the ice rink at Ovocný trh, right by the Old Town Square – you can go ice-skating here till January 31. Plus, you can rent skates here as well – score! Another ice-skating spot tip is the skating rink in Štvanice, a place with a lot of history. Free entrance (yeah, we couldn’t believe it either!) and you can get rental skates here for 50 CZK/hour.

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2. Go on a boat

Although the idea of going on a boat and staying “indoors” (in-boat?) may seem ludicrous to some (“um, how can I reenact the Titanic scene indoors?”), it’s actually really fun – and it’ll keep you warm. Plus, you can totally reenact the Titanic dinner scene whilst indoors – without the risk of contracting pneumonia. So where can you put on a Jack Dawson tuxedo or Rose DeWitt Bukater dress & feel totes at home? There’s quite many boat companies to choose from, but we really like the Prague Venice cruises – the boats are wooden and cozy, you get a free hot drink and you get to sail through the water underground of the Old Town. If you’re looking for more of a dinner/live music (no more Titanic puns, we promise!) experience, our pick would be the Jazz Boat. Just a heads up: this is a bit of a pricier option. But if you’re ready to get all jazzy, this is your kind of place (correction: flotation device). All aboard & let’s see those jazz hands (sorry, we had to). Got your flippy floppies?

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3. One word: SAUNA

Seriously, why wasn’t this at the top of our list? Saunas = warm. Get with the program people. Which brings us to our next question: where can you find a good sauna in Prague? Saunas are actually getting proper street cred these days (translation: they’re gaining in popularity), so there’s quite many of them in Prague. If you’re indecisive and/or want to try different types of saunas (oh you fancy!) in one day, head to Aquapalace Prague. Here you’ll be able to visit the Sauna World (we know what you’re thinking – now you’re talking!) & choose from a Finnish sauna, Roman spa or an Outdoor Sauna. If you’re feeling even more adventurous & want to try something new, we’ve got some options for you as well. You can go on a boat spa (we swear we’re not obsessed with boats – we just happened to come across a sauna that’s on a BOAT. Isn’t that totally rad?)! This list just gets weirder & more awesome by the minute. P.S.: For a comprehensive sauna list, check out this page. So many saunas, so little time!

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4. Sweat it out

Just in case you haven’t had enough of, er, sweating it out in a sauna, we’ve got another “sweaty stuff” suggestion. Go for a totally fun (and sweat-tastic) exercise class! Your best bet is probably Bikram Yoga (because what better way to sweat than while doing crazy yoga poses in a room where the temperature is 42 °C?). And even if you’re in town for a couple of days (what, leaving so soon?), you can go to an open class at a place like this. If you’re feeling exceptionally pumped (or crazy… take your pick), you can give CrossFit a shot. Look at you, taking those New Year’s resolution to a whole new level! Or maybe TRX is more you cup of tea? Apparently, the Navy Seals do this work out too… No biggie…

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5. Visit a quirky museum

We’ve already talked about contemporary art museums and galleries, but this is the REAL DEAL folks. Prague’s got a number of crazy, cheesy and over-the-top museums that you just have to visit. Brownie points? Museums are heated (genius, right?). So, what’s on our absolute to-do list? If you’re into history, be sure to check out the Communist Museum as well as the KGB Museum. Looking for lighter, kid-friendly alternatives? You can’t go wrong with the Toy Museum or the Lego Museum (trust us – these places are adult-friendly as well! You’ll love them). Other top picks include the Alchemy Museum, the Gastronomy Museum or the Museum of Miniatures. Who needs high art when you can visit such awesome museums?

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6. When all else fails, go for a burger

Seriously, sometimes you don’t want to go all crazy with this “beating-the-cold” business. Sometimes you just want a good burger & some good live music & a group of your friends, and you’ll be a happy camper. If you want a place that a) won’t break the bank b) is centrally located c) features performances of cool local acts, then… dream on. Just kidding! Your best bet will be to head to La Loca MUSIC BAR & LOUNGE. Amazing burgers? Check! Free entrance to concerts (what!)? Check! International & laid-back vibe? Yep, they’ve got that too! P.S.: They’ve got tapas… and sandwiches… and Mexican specialties as well… Just sayin’. Anyone hungry?

Martina Sulková
Martina Sulková