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autore: Rosta Sikora
8th March 2014

Tough life of the vegetarian in Czech

Being vegetarian seems pretty easy, you just don’t eat meat right? I became a vegetarian while I was living abroad and I always found something suitable on the menu and it didn’t have to necessarily be just salads. Especially in "land of beef" Australia you find many of vegetarian and vegan restaurant and some vegan bakeries, raw restaurant, gluten free meals. It is like heaven to me. People imagine that being vegetarian is most of the time eating veggie. Yeah, its half part true, but come on everyone should eat vegetables? But there is much more amazing recipes witch don’t involve meat. There are even so many crazy delicious raw meals you can prepare.

What a shock to come back home to the Czech Republic. Don’t get me wrong but I think Czech people still imagine someone without shoes, with dreads hair, spreading love to animals to being a vegetarian. The fact we are a meat country is seen clearest on the menu at a typical Czech restaurant. In the section No-meat meals, you can find usually two dishes, one is a deep fried cheese and the second one is deep fried cauliflower. Nothing against them, I like a nice piece of deep friend cheese every once and awhile but it’s not my daily cup of tea, if you know what I mean.

A small cultural shock came at the house of my grandparents. Understand I am not originally from the main city Prague and my grandparents live in such a small village where everyone keeps hens and rabbits in the backyard of the house. My traditional visits starts with a shot of Slivovice (at 9am!!!!!), followed by lunch (and few shots and beers between). Imagine how much was my boyfriend from New Zealand excited from my family! For the lunch at my grandparents place rabbit is almost always on the menu. Its home honest food but still I DON’T EAT MEAT!

Crazy czech comedy Sluncem, seno, jahody a la typical czech village. Source

Now comes the funny part. Let’s put this conversation down:
My grandpa: "So, what you going to eat? You should at least try it? "
Me: "Seriously grandpa, I don’t want. I will take the cabbage and some dumplings."
My grandpa: "But the meat is really good. It’s our own rabbit."
Me: "Grandpa, I just don’t eat meat at all."
My grandpa: "So get at least the crispy skin from the rabbit. It’s a skin not a meat. " :D:D:D:D

That’s everything what needs to be said to this. Or not? Luckily the situation is way much better in Prague.

I have to say I am a big fan of veggie burgers. You definitely find a tasty one at La Loca Music bar & Lounge and you will get an option to ask for vegetarian option of any meai.

You find here some really good one vegetarian restaurant and I will guide you to witch one to go:

1. Loving Hut

2. Secret of raw


3. Lehka hlava

4. Maintra

5. Beas Dhaba

6. Govinda

7. Country life

And much more to be find here: But these once up are personally my favourite.

Go green go vegetarian! :D

Rosta Sikora
Rosta Sikora