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autore: Martina Sulková
28th June 2013

Shopping in Prague

A lot of foreigners always think that Prague (well Europe in general actually) is one big Rodeo Drive. As in, there are super cool and trendy stores everywhere. That’s not really the case though. There are a lot of amazing stores in Prague, but you have to know where to go (dun, dun dun!) AND which places to steer clear of. Read on to find out more about some of Prague’s hidden shopping realm gems. 

Unique Shops

A lot of people come to Prague looking for cool shops that have the 'it factor'. The thing is, these kind of shops are particularly well hidden. Here are a few tips:

Vodičkova 36, Praha 1

A vintage-style shop with two locations in Prague - one on Vodičkova Street near Wenceslas Square and the other in Prague 5 on Štefánikova Street. Here most items cost around 400 CZK and you’re guaranteed to walk away with super fashionable finds!

Mum Ray
Náplavní 3, Praha 2

A really cool handbag and accessory store - all Mum Ray bags are 100% Czechmade (designed by Lucie Michalcová) and 100% COOL! Mum Ray will give the term 'bag lady' a whole new (hip) meaning.


28. října 11, Praha 1 - Staré Město

This shop is a bit cuckoo but it’s really fun to visit, even if you walk away empty-handed! They’ve got a bit of everything - gifts, stationery goodies, cute little planners and much, much more. It’s so colourful it’s crazy and that’s why we love it!

Bělehradská 70, Praha 2

No, this is not a Czech store... but we still had to include it on our list. The Prague Moleskine store is cute, quirky and quaint, and we love it. It’s a tiny store with walls full of illustrations and quotes and a wide array of Moleskine notebooks - both classic and limited version ones. If you’re ever near I.P. Pavlova, give Moleskine a visit!

Celetná 29, Praha 1

OK, so we’re kind of over typical Bohemian glass... yup, we’ve said it. Tourists seem to love it, but we think it’s possible to find a more original gift which would mark your visit to Prague. This is why we love the Artěl Design Stores & their unique take on Bohemian glass. The stores also feature all kinds of cute trinkets, jewelry and stationery. Sold!

Modern Fashion

Bartolomějská 1, Praha 1

This is one uber-cool shop. And don’t just take our word for it: Tilda Swinton is apparently a fan too! Leeda is a fashion brand which mixes high fashion and street style. The brand also cooperates with inspiring people who work in the field of contemporary design, architecture, photography, film and music. Love!

Týnská 15, Praha 1

Mona is a tiny boutique located in a narrow and cobblestone-laden street close to Old Town Square. Getting Paris flashbacks yet? It’s true, Mona has a Parisian feel to it. However, the store features young Czech designers & we love its distinct fashion selection. Here it’s style that reigns, not trends.
Martina Sulková
Martina Sulková