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auteur: Martina Sulková
29th August 2013

Interview with Damiano & co

We had the pleasure of interviewing 3 really cool Canadian guys a few weeks ago. Damiano, Jeff and Joel went on one of our Segway tours and had a blast (and we had a great time talking to them afterwards... the interview probably took longer than expected :). We talked to the guys about what they think of Prague, their food & sightseeing recommendations & much more! Damiano was the leader of the pack, so he answered most of the questions & even provided us with FANTABULOUS photos. Love it! Thanks guys and hopefully see you sometime in the (near) future! You rock :)

1.Hi and welcome to Prague! Why did you decided to visit the Czech capital?

My friends and I are basically traveling through Europe, so this is one of our ‘stops’ on the way.

2.What was your first impression of Prague?

It’s such a beautiful city! That’s really the main thing.

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3.What’s the one thing you definitely want to see/visit while you’re here? If you’ve already visited a bit of Prague, what’s the one thing you’d recommend people to see here?

We really wanted to see the castle, that was at the top of the list. The cathedral was amazing! We’re really into checking out anything historical – the history here is amazing. We’d also like to visit the nuclear bunker here in Prague. Oh yeah, and we can’t wait to see what the nightlife here is like. :)

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4.What’s the one Prague landmark that you think doesn’t get the spotlight it deserves?

I have to say it again – the cathedral! Love it!

5.What surprised you about Prague/the Czech Republic upon your arrival here?

The wonderful command of the English language was a pleasant surprise. I understood you people better than people in London!

6.What’s the one Czech food you’d recommend to to first-time visitors?

Goulash! So good!

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7.Please fill this in: Prague is the most _____ city in the world.

Original or authentic. We were totally stunned that you can still find so many beautiful buildings here in Prague. Seriously, the historical aspect rocks.

8.Do you think you’ll come back? Why or why not?

Yes, definitely. We really want to see more of the city and since we’re only here for a couple of days, we won’t get to see everything we’d like to.

9.Have you gone out in Prague yet? Any cool tips?

Yup, we went on a Pub Crawl, which was fun. We also went to that world-famous 5-story club (Karlovy lázně) – we had a blast!

10.Tell us about the tour you went on. What were some of the highlights of the tour?

We just had a great time in general. We were surprised that the tour went so smoothly – riding a Segway is really easier than I had expected. We also had some gelato at the castle, which was nice. :) And I guess my favourite part of the tour was the view from Letná – loved it! You can really see the whole city from up there.

11.Why did you pick this particular tour? Have you ever tried riding a Segway before?

We mainly picked the tour because of Maria, our wonderful tour guide. We randomly met her on a Segway in town and she flattered us with her smile. :) And no, we’ve never been on a Segway before. But it was a really cool experience!

12.What did you think of your guide?

Maria was very knowledgeable, and also very patient, which really came in handy. :) She basically has a great ability to deal with all skill levels, let me tell you that! :)

Martina Sulková
Martina Sulková