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Czech Modern II. 1900 - 1930
Czech Modern II. 1900 - 19301. 1. 2015 – 1. 1. 2017
Czech Modern II. 1900 - 1930 The gallery is dedicated to the presentation of architecture, design and industrial design in 1900, 1930. Special attention deserves the exhibition of Art Deco at the respirium.

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Veletržní palác
Tue - Sun: 10:00 - 18:00
The first part of the exhibition Czech avant-garde from first third of the 20th centtury is dedicated to monographic profiles of representatives of the generation of the Skupina(Group) and the Osma(Eight) artists. Work of Emil Filla, Bohumil Kubišta, Antonín Procházka, Otakar Kubín, Otto Gutfreund captures the coherence of expressive tendencies with efforts to clear the constructive procedure of Cubism. A separate area is dedicated to the application of Cubism in architecture, design and applied arts.
Transportation1. 1. 2015 – 1. 1. 2017
Transportation - National Technical Museum The transportation history exhibit in the “transportation hall” is traditionally the most popular among visitors.

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Tue - Fri: 09:00 - 17:30
The world of old technology comes alive here: The first automobiles which ran on combustion and steam engines, numerous motorcycles showing their development from the end of the 19th century to present, samples of railway technology, airplanes suspended from the ceiling – including a hot-air balloon basket, Igo Etrich’s glider, the plane that Jan Kašpar used for the first long-haul flight in the Czech lands and unique historical planes such as an Anatra DS, a Traktor, Zlín Z XIII recreation planes and dozens of others.