We are Green


1st water recycling system in the Czech Republic
2nd grey water system with heat recuperation in the world
1st hostel in the Czech Republic to utilize 100% renewable source electricity
1st hostel in the Czech Republic to achieve BREEAM In-Use "Excellent" certification 
How green are we?

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MOSAIC HOUSE is a unique fusion of accommodation offering options from four-star private rooms to budget-sensitive shared rooms. The historic 1930s building was transformed to blend comfort, modern design, and eco-friendly initiatives. Green technology, notable throughout the building, focuses on minimizing energy expenditure and consumption of resources, particularly water. For instance, the Pontos water recycling system filters shower and sink water which is then reused for flushing toilets. Further, it also recovers and reuses the heat from the waste water for later use. The hotel savings from this advanced green technology amounts to roughly 30% savings on water consumption and 16% savings on heating costs. Incredibly, the expected return on investment is less than 6 years. Above all, the green initiatives of MOSAIC HOUSE both educate and encourage their guests to value and be conscious of natural resources and energy use.

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