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author: Martina Sulková
11th September 2013

How to Impress a Czech Girl

So you've met a nice Czech girl. You like her. You like her a lot. But you're not sure how to make your first move. Or maybe you've known someone for quite some time but you'd like to get to know them a bit better (hint hint)? Don't fret, my friend, don't fret. We bring you 10 points which will speed up this whole 'getting-to-know-a-Czech-girl' process. Let's do this!

  1. Do not wear socks with sandals

Seriously, you shouldn’t even be impressing anyone with this. It should be common knowledge, non? Sadly, about 99% of the Czech male population tends to disagree (kidding… but not really). So if you’ve got a penchant for wearing shoes & they’re actually not half bad, the world AND your girl will thank you. BOOM.

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  1. Be Jaromír Jágr

If you think this guy is passé, think again. “Jarda” has never been hotter – he’s got the hordes of screaming (female) fans to prove it. Jaromír is basically the national treasure & your girlfriend MOST probably follows him on Facebook & swoons over his witty posts (no joke… this hockey star’s page has a loooot of likes). So why not call it a day, join Jágr’s “hockey family” (that’s what Monsieur Hockey calls his fans) & IMPRESS A CZECH GIRL? Done and done.

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  1. Go on a romantic Gocycle ride together

And no, we’re not ‘just putting it on here because we rent Gocycle bikes’. COME ON. We’d never do that. ;)You can impress a Czech girl with this particular thing because a) Gocycles are, like, totally COOL and b) she’s probably never been on one. I mean, she definitely hasn’t been on one.. We ARE, after all, the first Gocycle rental place in Prague… Just sayin’.

  1. Whip up a homemade dinner (dumplings!)

This might surprise you. Dumplings? Aren’t Czech girls totally modern and eat things that are, well, less traditional (you say)? WRONG. Yes, Czech girls (and guys) are totes up for some Mickey D’s (that’s McDonald’s… OBVS) from time to time, but they still love the golden oldies (maybe because they don’t eat them as much as back in the day!). In order to impress a Czech girl, we suggest presenting her with a plate of succulent apricot dumplings (she needn’t know that you just got them delivered from a Czech restaurant.. shh!!).

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  1. Buy her a beer

Boring, you say? Unimaginative, you think? EASY, you laugh? It’s time to hit the ‘WRONG’ button ONE. MORE. TIME. Listen and learn! Beer is like a second language to the Czechs. They speak it, they live it, they GET IT. We even dedicated a whole BLOG POST to the best pubs in Prague… that’s how serious we are about this golden beverage. And no, we’re not talking about getting drunk – beer is basically synonymous with getting together with a bunch of friends & having a good old time. Simple as that. So by presenting your girl with a fresh, cold beer, you (most probably) can’t go wrong. May Radegast be with you.

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  1. Serenade her (and no, the song doesn’t have to be by Karel Gott)

Well, we’re SORT OF serious. This tip doesn’t really apply to Czech girls specifically, though – come on, who WOULDN’T want to wake up to a romantic song (sung by your one and only)? But keep it modern & get a Singstar & do the whole karaoke thing. Together. No Karel Gott allowed.

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  1. Don’t beat around the bush

Czech girls are smart and they WILL see through your tricks. Czech girls are also honest (read: super BLUNT) and they will NOT be afraid to tell it like it is… SO our advice is simple: be fun, outgoing, be YOURSELF! Aaaaand you’ve just uncovered the secret to a woman’s heart. YOU’RE WELCOME.

  1. Dress like David Beckham

OK, yes, we are exaggerating… a bit. But let’s just say the Czech male population isn’t really known for its sartorial knowledge (it had to be said.. and yes, of COURSE there are exceptions to this rule. HELLO.). Enter David Beckham: a shining beacon of hope for the Czech man. David has shown us that wearing skin-tight jeans can be OK (better than OK!). David is there with you in the salon, when you’re scared to try a new hairstyle. David can even advise you on what kind of underwear you should wear (thanks a million, H&M).

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  1. Be sporty

We’re not saying you actually have to BE David Beckham. Dressing like him will be challenging enough. But you will not impress a Czech girl by laying around & eating dumplings (check #4 to see how dumplings can be used to impress a Czech girl instead ;). We suggest going for a run at Náplavka ro Stromovka – you never know how many Czech girls you’ll be able to impress with your flawless running style.

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  1. Smile

In 2012, the Czech Republic has been named the second most pessimistic country in the world. Nothing to be proud of (sadly). However, you CAN use this little bit of info to your advantage & be the most positive person EVER. This way, people (EVERYONE – not only girls!) will be totally in awe of your social skills. It might backfire at first (‘There’s something fishy about this guy.. he’s just SOO POSITIVE!’), but sooner or later, people will see you’re the real deal. And so will that one special lady. TRUST US. And smile! wink

Martina Sulková
Martina Sulková