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author: Michaela Kratinova
5th April 2014
Breakfast in Prague

Are you a morning person who likes to indulge a mighty fine breakfast? I am bringing you some of Prague's hot spots for all of your breakfast needs.

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author: Rosta Sikora
8th March 2014
Tough life of the vegetarian in Czech

Being vegetarian seems pretty easy, you just don’t eat meat right? But sometimes you come across funny situation or even misunderstanding:) A small sneak peak into "my life of veggie" and TIPS Where to have a vegetarian meal in Prague!

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author: Martina Sulková
5th September 2013
Best Places for a Cold Beer

Czech people speak two languages - their mother tongue & beer. Don't fight it - that's just the way it is! If you'd like to get to know your Czech buddy a little better, your best bet will be heading to a traditional pub. Here are some tips on pubs which never run dry. Na zdraví!

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author: Martina Sulková
9th July 2013
Going out for dessert in Prague

Who doesn't like cake? Silly question, right? We believe there is no such as thing as too much chocolate... and that's why we've compiled a list of delectable dessert dens (we love alliteration as well :) which we're sure you'll love.

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author: Martina Sulková
25th June 2013
Prague Cafes

Prague has a huuuge amount of really cool, cozy and trendy cafes. However, how does one pick a cafe when there's so many? Check out our handy guide... you won't be disappointed!

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