Retro Bike  

RETRO BIKE: Just like the old days, but better!

We love ‘em just as much and maybe more than our previous generations did! Could your granny shift gears? We don’t think so. With modern features wrapped up in old school charm, our retro bikes provide the best of both worlds. And they come in a flashy color too. Get ready to turn heads and tour the city in souped-up retro style! 


Tandem Jump  

Just like floating on cloud 9… After a short training, the tandem jump starts with a breath-taking view of a beautiful Czech countryside from the altitude of up to 4 200 m (14 000 ft), then you´ll see a green light flashing, the plane door opens, your heart stops aaand… Jump! Then you can just enjoy freefalling for about 60 seconds at the speed of approximately 200 km/h. And no worries, the professional tandem pilot will get you safely back on the ground again.

Sound good?


This doesn’t happen every day, so why not experience something unique in Prague – it’s the best souvenir there is! :)

Gokarting Radotin  

Fast and furious! Go-karts are not only the perfect entertainment for boys (or men) who dream of achieving a pole position in an adrenaline-fueled race – even their better halves can enjoy this super fun activity!

You don’t need a driver’s license in order to be able to ride a Go-kart – you simply need to be 15 years or older in order to enjoy Gokarting. Operating a Go-kart is very easy – you mainly need to use the brake and gas pedals (and there’s no gear shifting). :) 

Smichoff Climbing Wall  

It’s (almost) like being out in the wild! No, we’re not talking about a real rocky monuntain (sadly there is no such thing in the center of Prague), but we can guarantee that you’ll love the biggest climbing wall in the Czech Republic!

You’ll have a 2000 m2 area at your disposal and it won’t matter whether you’re a total indoor climbing beginner or a real pro. The wall has all kinds of difficulty levels plus a huge overhang.

So let’s get climbing!

Prague Venice  

An unusual experience is waiting for you right by Charles Bridge. It is here that you can find one of the oldest surviving boats in Prague!
The dock is hidden in the “water underground” of the Old Town. From here a boat will take you on a romantic ride through the mysterious recesses of Prague.

Get to know Prague from a whole new perspective – satisfaction guaranteed! :)


Are you a fan of adrenaline-fueled activities? Free fall in the safety of a wind tunnel under the supervision of a professional instructor. Perfect for adrenaline junkies or people who would love to try something new!

You don´t have to be experienced, all you have to do is have a good time :) After a short training you will learn how to control your body in the free fall. You will get the hang of it in no time!

There are two options – both for beginners and experienced skydiving pros!



Beer Tour  

If you’re Prague-d out and looking to see something outside of the city, listen up, we’ve got a beer-tastic idea! Join the tour with one clear mission: freshly brewed beer in Únětice. Part of the adventure is riding along the river, pit-stopping at some of Prague’s best parks, learning more about beer, playing a game or two of petanque, and snapping photos on your Gocycle It’s the perfect warm up for the refreshingly cool reward which awaits you…


Max Laser  

It’s like a first-hand experience of the Star Wars film saga!

Do you want to know what a sci-fi film or video game hero feels like? If you answered “totally”, then we’ve got something that will definitely put a smile on your face. The Lasergame Arena!

It’s time to put into full force your strategic thinking in a place full of smoke and light effects. All you need is a sporty outfit & a cool group of people! :)



Swiftness, strength, good level of fitness, tactical thinking and ability to think straight while under pressure - without Arnie Schwarzenegger’s characteristics you are screwed! :)

But don’t worry, safety first. Special paintball mask will protect you from the gel bullets, and even the guns and rifels, that look so scary, are not that dangerous.

So put your army gear on and we are good to go!

Ski/Snowboard Day Trip  

Sure, Prague in the winter coat is beautiful, but what about winter in the mountains? That’s simply breathtaking!

Only 1,5 hours and you will be going up and down the Czech slopes. The price includes: transport, rental, whole-day skips and our nice and experienced company.

Taking a break is crucial, that is why around noon you will enjoy a good lunch in a typical mountain pub.

Don’t forget something good to warm you up :)

Shooting Range  

Have you ever held AK-47 or a police 9mm pistol?

It really is something special! We want to invite to a shooting range where you can try these rifles (and more). A certified trainer will share all about the guns and what they do.

Your picture in action is a true icing on the cake!