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Autor: Martina Sulková
23rd August 2013

Best Places for an Outdoor Workout in Prague

Now that the weather is FINALLY nice (yes, it’s getting a bit chilly at this time of the year, but at least the heat wave’s O-V-E-R!), it’s time to head out and enjoy the great outdoors. And no, we don’t think “enjoy” is synonymous with “lie around” – in this case, we’re talking about EXERCISING! Had you fooled, didn’t we?

Although Prague is mainly known for its historical buildings (and much less for its parks and greenery), we found some pretty laid-back places where you can go for a walk, go jogging, go inline skating or biking. Yup, inline skating is quite big in Prague (didn’t you know?). Seriously, we feel it’s making a huge comeback… maybe you’ll want to give it a try after reading this article? ;)


This is an inline skaters’ paradise… Yes, this is THE real deal. The Ladronka park/circuit is close to Vypich and is around 4230 meters long. You don’t even need your own inline skates – you can rent them straight on the spot! Now that’s what we call customer service. :) The whole park is quite big and relaxing and it’s the perfect spot to get away from all the Prague hullabaloo. Just be prepared to ride around the same circuit over and over…

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2.Sacre Coeur Park

If you’re in the center of Prague and you want to go for a quick run and you don’t constantly want to deal with the hordes of tourists driving you cuckoo, check out this small park located right above Anděl. It may not seem like the perfect work-out place at first glance, but running here is a bliss. If you live in Anděl or Smíchov, you’ll love this little oasis (which has little to do with the busy Anděl area). BUT you can’t bike or inline skate here (sorry – just warning ya!) This place is great for people who love to walk or run. Or do the whole Nordic walking thing. You know, that thing that no one would ever admit to doing.


This is yet another well-known and beloved inline/bike park and we can totes see why! The portal calls Stromovka Prague’s answer to Central Park, and we can (kind of) see why. It’s a huge (seriously.. pretty big by Prague standards!) public park full of greenery & trails that can be used as in line skate and bike lanes. It’s a bit of an outdoors mecca in Prague-town so if you haven’t been yet, MAKE IT RIGHT & visit Stromovka today!

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4.Letenské sady

Yet again another mecca… but hey, we gotta list the ‘big boys’ of outdoor work-out places as well! If you haven’t heard of “Letná“ then you’ve probably never been to Prague. You can go running, inline skating as well as biking here (using our uber cool rental bikes, of course ;)! And once you’re done with all this strenuous activity, you can sit down in one of the nicest beer gardens in Prague & have a cold, cold beer. WIN and WIN!

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This little area which is located right on the bank of the Vltava river is part of the quite expansive ‘Podolí-Zbraslav’ cycle route. However, we picked out this (admittedly shortish) this small part of the cycle route as an excuse to mention other things that you may or may not come across here. Náplavka was bustling during the summertime but you can still have a beer here in August (on a boat, no less!), catch a live performance of a cool indie rock band or a crazy DJ and just sit by the river & chill. Why not rent a Green Lemon bike & check out Náplavka while it’s still relatively warm outside? It’s where all the cool cats hang out these days. :)

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Martina Sulková
Martina Sulková