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autor: Michaela Kratinova
30th March 2014

On a budget: Spring blast for less than 4 euros in Prague


Petrin tower (Petřínská rozhledna) - The Petřín Tower is a 63.5 meter high steel framework tower in Prague, which resembles the Tower. The view from the top is outstanding. It was built in 1891 and became one of the major tourist attractions. You get there by cable car or take a 30 min walk through beautiful gardens and cherry trees in blossom.

Source: http://www.motovylety.cz/

4 beers- What to say more, where else you can get four beers for four euros and btw. The water costs more than a beer in the restaurant!

St. Matthew´s Fair (Matějská pouť) - Russian Wheel: It a place where you can find heaps of attractions on one place. This fun park takes place until 21st of April. Go for Russian wheel for 4 euros and get “langoš” and beer J

Source: http://magazin.e15.cz/

Lunch at La Loca- Swing by and choose your favorite from our lunch menu. We have Mexican, Czech dishes and many more! And plus stay longer and enjoy a concert for free.

BBQ in Storomovka park- Are you keen for some barbie? Not talking about a doll but about some good piece of meat. It’s an amazing way how to spend a lazy day in Prague in the spring.  Stromovka, being the largest park in Prague, has perfect flat and wide paths for biking, rollerblading, skateboarding, and ideal spots for picnics, frisbee, and grilling. BBQ galore and some sausages can buy for less than 4 euros.

Rent boat - Rowing boats and pedal boats are great idea how to enjoy river Vltava. Definitely bring some beer bottles in your bag and chill out on the sun in the middle of the river. The prices are very different place to place, you find pedal boat at the morning for 2 euros but prices can go up 6 euros in some spots (but you pay for boat so you split the cost between more unless you are traveling on your own and just want to rent you own private pedal boat!). The cheapest place to rent a boat can be found probably at O2 Žluté lázně.

Source: http://www.slovanka.net/

Bobsled run (Bobová dráha)- Find it in Prague, that means safe 1-2 person sleds running down the 800 meters long chute made of steel. Get beer (again) and have a fun. Find out more at http://www.bobovadraha.cz/lang-eng/

Cinema- Some of more alternative cinemas offer cheap movies.  Find them all around the Prague (http://www.biooko.net/en/http://www.kinosvetozor.cz/en/, http://www.kinoatlas.cz/)





Michaela Kratinova
Michaela Kratinova