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autor: Rosta Sikora
5th April 2014

Breakfast in Prague

Are you a morning person who likes to indulge a mighty fine breakfast? I am bringing you some of Prague’s top hot spots for all of you breakfast needs.

Můj šálek kávy
One of the favorites coffee places in Prague. This lovely place is located in the heart of Karlin, one of the Prague district. They roast their own coffee and you scoff their home-made cakes or if you after more savory option I recommend you to get Hemenex (bacon and eggs) or omelet.


Café Savoy
This café with art deco design is one of the fancy one. Make sure you have made a reservation. But even it’s a bit pricey it cannot disappoint you. They prepare their own delicious pastries. Enjoy all that delicious dishes! They serve one of the best croissants in the city, baked brioche bread with hem, French toast and a poached egg, or scrambled eggs.

Source: http://www.tasteofprague.com/

If you looking for a nice quiet place to sit down, read a book we recommend you to visit Monolik. Homemade cakes, delicious coffee and a small selection of breakfast dishes is good way how to start the day.

EMA Espresso Bar
You find this place near Masarykovo nádraží. Not a place for huge breakfast but it’s a place with great atmosphere where you can relax with a cup of coffee and snack some cake or sandwich.

I need a coffee
Just near a river you can find this lovely place. Maybe you wont be impress from outside but definitely gonna have a great time inside. Small stop where you want to grab a coffee and home-made biscuit.

 Source: http://www.acupofstyle.com/

Breakfast at Náplavka
Every Saturday morning you can find a farmer's market at the riverbank of Vltava. This place is called Naplavka just near by Palackeho namesti. On sunny day you can see crowds of people so we recommend to wake up and go there early. You find many places offering pastries, soups or pancakes (even gluten free).

Marthy's kitchen
Cosy small cafe in a french style. You can enjoy day breakfast all day long. Wide selection of cakes and what we love are their waffels and pancakes in gluten free option. No stress here just pure morning love.

Of course there are many other great places that can furfill your morning breakfast intake and for those of you who are sleepheads just remember if you miss breakfast you can always join us for lunch at La Loca haha!!




Rosta Sikora
Rosta Sikora