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作家: Martina Sulková
13th August 2013

Interview with tour guide Maria

1.Hi! Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from? What are you studying & what are your hobbies?

I’m an adventurous girl that doesn’t like stereotypes and is always looking for some fun things to do. Which also explains why I decided to work as a Segway tour guide.
I come from Slovakia, a beautiful Eastern-European country.
I am studying at the University of Economics but I’m planning to change my major soon.
Hobbies? Whatever makes me happy… Dancing, sport, friends, traveling, languages… my list is pretty long. :)

2.Which languages do you speak?

Aussie English :) also German and I think I still remember the basics of Greek. I’m also trying to learn French to impress my boyfriend. :)

3.Which tours do you take care of at Green Lemon? Which are your favourite?

You will mostly bump into me riding a Segway but occasionally you can see me riding our stylish e-bikes. Since I have only had one e-bike tour it’s hard to tell which are my favourite.

4. What are your favourite sights that you frequently come across on a Green Lemon tour?

I absolutely admire the view from Most Legií, where I always make the first stop and then the view from Letná park. Once I had a guy on my tour who said “I feel like on top of the world here”.

5.Which Czech dish would you recommend to a first-time visitor? What about a dessert?

That’s what I usually do when we come back from the tour. Our guests should definitely try svíčková. And as for dessert: traditional trdelník in Karlova street should not be missing on the list of things to eat.

6.How are your tours different? How are they ‘you’?

We always have new people going on our tours… Different people means different ways of fun!

7.Which tour would you recommend to someone who’s not necessarily a sports freak?

Either the morning one, there are less people in the streets and it is always cooler to say “oh I went for a Segway ride than for a morning run”. :) Or the “Dark Knights” tour, there is nothing more romantic than Prague at night.

8.What’s the coolest part of being a Prague guide? And what about being a Prague local?

Making people feel like locals is really fun. :) It’s great to do this by sharing some great places to go to. And what’s great about being a Prague local? Knowing these places off by heart!

9.Tell us an essential Czech word/phrase.

Pivo – no translation needed when you are in the Czech Republic! :)

10. Tell us some Czech ‘scoop’ :) something (anything!) that foreigners don’t know (yet)…

Socks and sandals are still in… and I speak from experience! :)

11. Any shopping tips in Prague? :)

Definitely out of the city in the shopping centre Arkády Pankrác – you will not get lost like in the other shopping centres if you have a lack of orientation like me! :)

12. Tell us – where do you like to hang out when the weather’s hot (we need some tips because of this heat wave!)?

Just recently I visited Žluté lázně, I find it is a great spot to cool yourself down. Great bars, good drinks and free outdoor movies every Wednesday! :)

Martina Sulková
Martina Sulková