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The Artists of Mosaic House

The first thing you will notice when you approach Mosaic House is that there are three giant mushrooms outside the main entrance. The mushrooms are on a raised platform of green turf which is surrounded by several park benches and a small fountain. Near the mushrooms, there are two large, colorful mosaic chairs. A few meters in the air, there are two sculptures holding umbrellas, seemingly floating away. As you are looking up you’ll notice there is a statue sitting on the awning and another half dozen mushrooms up on the roof.

Mushrooms of Mosaic House

Throughout the day, hundreds of photographs are taken outside Mosaic House. As people pass by they notice art that stops them in their tracks and digging has them in their pockets or purses for their phones / cameras.
The art continues inside – enter Mosaic House and you will see the namesake mosaic tiles on the floor and back wall that date back to the 1930’s. There are two TV-headed statues and a ceramic sculpture of a woman from the shoulders up. In our private garden, we have a sculpture on a bench next to a fountain that invites you to sit down. The art is all around, Placed in an interior design That is modern and clean.

Meet our artists:

Mosaic House is committed to supporting Czech art, and we could not do it without the work of the amazing artists featured below!


Michael Trpák 

Michal Trpák

Michael finished his PhD  at the Academy of Arts in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. His sculptures and painting can be seen in public and private collections, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Michael’s work at Mosaic House includes the mushrooms, the giant fly, the two sculptures floating away, and the TV-headed sculptures.

Mushrooms – Looking for happiness

Everyone is looking for it, yet some search and never find it. Others hope to find it in magic mushrooms. Sit underneath the mushrooms and you may find happiness in yourself … or another.


Slight Uncertainty

Named “Slight” because of seeming lightness of flying but “Uncertain” because of uncertainty in the landing and length of the flight. This hints at representing the economic crisis.

What is happiness?

That is a good question. Everyone has different desires, but all of us want to be happy. Look at the example of the fly. It’s tiny, useless, and annoying, but it’s a living creature. This sculpture is a gigantic version of a fly where you can see all the details which are normally invisible. The same is for happiness – we have to pay attention to detail.


Why do we get lost in the virtual world starting Dialogue with strangers when we have many loved ones close by?

Alexandra Koláčková

Alexandra Koláčková is a sculpture artist usually who works with ceramic materials. She and her husband own Atelier which is specialized in creating large ceramic colorful plastics for public spaces. Over the past 15 years, they have created many artistic and architectonic projects throughout Prague, as well as in many other Czech cities and in the Netherlands.

Mosaic Chairs


Stay with us next time you’re in Prague, Consider the artwork, and enjoy your stay