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4 Weeks in Prague


4 týdny v Praze


First day as a Mosaic House intern: I showed up knowing nobody, eager to please in my business casual outfit and my MacBook in hand.

Nearing my last day as a Mosaic House intern: Strolling in wearing a jean skirt, converse, smoothie in hand, and struggling at the thought of parting ways with my dear co-workers in a few days.


The Czech language sounds like Russian to me and I cannot speak it to save my life, I always miss the tram and have to chase after it, and I’m living in the stair capital of the world when I loathe stairs more than anything. At the end of the day, I have never felt more comfortable away from home than I have here in Prague. I’ve pondered why I feel this strongly after only three weeks, and the answer is two words: Mosaic House.


Every morning I wake up, excited to go to my internship because it’s fun and changes every day. Some of my friends are filing and shredding papers this summer at well-known hotel chains in Prague, but here I am, fortunate enough to feel like I’m going to see my friends, when in reality it’s actually work we’re accomplishing. Our group is diverse, spanning from native Czechs, to Americans, and even an incredible boss from the Netherlands. I don’t like using the hollow word, “co-worker”, because these people are my friends. They’ve introduced me to Malinovka, Kozel, smažený sýr, and I’ve even seen a Czech movie at the cinema. Because of them, this has been more than just a required internship that I need to graduate; it’s Prague slowly becoming a part of who I am.


Mosaic House is casual, creative, inviting, and the most fascinating hotel I have ever beheld. As a future businesswoman, it was eye opening for me to see that you can run a successful and respectable establishment where your employees can be who they are and genuinely enjoy their work. Throughout Mosaic House you see signs that read “One House, 1000 Memories,” and what an appropriate way to title my enchanting summer. I am definitely leaving a piece of my heart here in Prague.


– Sydney Owens –