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4 reasons why Prague might be your favorite city


Ever considered moving to the capital city of the Czech Republic? Even if not, it’s always fun to think about what life in Prague is about. Though we all experience things a little differently, there are some general truths to what Prague has in store for those who decide to make it their home. Keep on reading to see 4 reasons why Praha might be your favorite city.

1: Life here is so inexpensive

Beer is not the only thing you will find ridiculously cheap. Prague proves that it can be so affordable to live a fairly decent lifestyle without having a big bank account. Especially in comparison with other European metropolises. Wanna buy an unlimited public transportation pass for a month? You can, for the cost of 20€. Wanna rent a tennis court for an hour? You will pay as little as 10€. Wanna go paddle boating on Vltava? Again, you won’t pay more than 10€. Wanna see an outdoor movie screening? That will be most likely completely free. Just like education, doctor visits or Náplavka sunsets. We could go on and on but we wanted to give you an idea that some of the most satisfying things in life in Bohemian capital cost a very low amount of money, or nothing at all.

2: There’s beauty all around

Prague is a beautiful gem. That’s an undeniable fact. Falling for Prague is as easy as can be. Even after spending some time here, you’ll always discover a new gorgeous building, a new stunning facade, or a new magical corner that was there the whole time. While you just had no idea. Prague reveals its glory slowly. Life here has a power to give you a new sense of appreciation for beauty, history and culture. The allure here is intoxicating.

3: You may forget how to drive

We already mentioned that public transportation is VERY cheap but it’s also VERY convenient. Sell your car or leave it in your garage because this will be one thing you might never need. Plus, metro runs every minute or two during rush hour; trams every 5-7 minutes. First comers tend to be a little suspicious towards trams but this fear diminishes as soon as you get familiar with them. They will literally take you anywhere and some of them have even wifi onboard. Exciting.

4: It’s the heart of Europe

Prague may not be the center of the universe but it certainly lies in the center of Europe. Being here, you’ll never be trapped as you can easily hop on the train and reach Berlin, Munich or Vienna within 4 hours. You could pretty much get to any part of Europe in no more than 2 hours if plane is your favorite means of travel. That alone will give you endless opportunities on how and where to spend your weekends if you ever need a break. But let’s be honest. Who would need a break from life in the fairytale?