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4 reasons to come to Prague this winter

The mother of cities (read Prague) turned all Christmassy over the past weekend and we got finally covered in a snow blanket once again. Díky, Ježíšku!!! And while we know that the snow will not last forever, we’re pretty sure that memories you could make in Prague this winter most definitely will.

That’s why we decided to make your decision on whether to come or not a little easier and came up with a list of 4 things to do in the Czech capital to make your winter vacation complete.





Yup, you’ve probably heard this one before but we still needed to include it to our list as everyone should know that what Christmas markets are to Prague is what midnight is to New Year’s Eve. One couldn’t exist without the other. And there are so many seasonal markets to be discovered! The most famous ones are located at Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square but more adventurous wanderers will be able to find Christmas fairs in almost every neighborhood, from Vinohrady to Dejvice.

Drinking mold wine and nibbling on a crispy pastry trdelník with a Christmas tunes in the background are some of Prague’s winter experiences that shouldn’t be missed.

Just be aware that most Christmas markets shut down by January 6th so giddy up and be here already.





With temperatures often dropping below 0°C, it comes as no surprise that Prague has a lot of ice rinks to offer. We guarantee you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment knowing you spent your time in the city of hundred spires somewhat actively. Skating is also a great way to forget about all the stress of life, burn calories, make new friends and/or bond with someone you already know.

And if you don’t know how to skate, Prague is the best place to learn so. Why? Because most of the ice rinks are completely admission free and charge only a small fee for an ice skates rental. Czech out our favorite rinks at Letná or Na Františku. You will not regret.





It’s a one big mayhem when it comes to New Year’s Eve in Praha. The restrictions on using fireworks are minimal to none so why don’t you start your own firework show? We wouldn’t encourage you to do that out on the streets on the actual night of New Year’s Eve as things tend to get a little out of control and quite frankly, there’s a free New Year’s Eve bash happening at La Loca that will keep you entertained; but back to fireworks….

It’s absolutely acceptable to light up the sky with your own pyrotechnics and doing that prior/during/post-holiday season only enhances the city’s festive atmosphere. Yes, Prague simply loves fireworks on any given day all year round.





We could give you a million other reasons to come and spend your Christmas at Mosaic House but let us just say that Prague is ALWAYS a good idea. No matter what time of year it is, the charm of the city will captivate you in the winter, spring, summer or fall.  And we’ll always have our doors open for you in our House that feels like home. The house that’s ready to make your Christmas merrier than it could ever be.